openSEAL User Manual

openSEAL User Manual

The User Manual is a resource for developers who build applications that incorporate openSEAL libraries. Sorry that it isn't all inclusive it right now. We plan on continuing to flesh it out so please come back often.

We denote "soon" what should be a week or two away, and "new" added in the last couple of weeks, and "updated" if it was updated recently.

Last Updated: 12/03/03

Table of Contents

Section 1 : Setup and Installation

Section 2 : openSEAL Design Concepts, Stereotypes and Patterns

  • Design Philosophy

Section 3: openSEAL Component Model

Section 3 : openSEAL Libraries

Types & Collections


Accessing Databases, Message Queues & other Resources

Secure Remoting Capabilities

Validation & Formating

Web Tier Specific Library Functionality

Web Application Service

Security - Authorization & Access Control

MVC Framework

Request Parameters

Request Handlers

Dispatchers (New)



Base Server Controls

Business Application Service

Web Application Service

Web.config Configuration File Reference

Appendix A: openSEAL Stereotype Reference

<<Type>> (or Entity)

<<Service Manager>> & <<Service Method>>

<<Activity>> (including DB Agents, Message Agents)

<<Request Parameter>>

<<Request Handler>>

<<Request Dispatcher>>

Appendix B: Other Reference

Source Tree Structure