openSEAL: Support

How do I get help with openSEAL?

The best way to learn how to get the maximum out of openSEAL is by rolling your sleeves up and writing some code. If you encounter any problems along the way then there are several sources you can turn to for assistance:

  1. Review the Reference Application
    The Reference Application demonstrates many of the capabilities of openSEAL. You may find that the Ref App tackles the very problem you are trying to solve.
  2. Check the Online Documentation
    The openSEAL web site ( has information for users and contributors. We are committed to updating the site early and often so you should find that whenever you return, there is new content. The User Manual in particular might be of help.
  3. Check the Mailing List Archives
    Chances are someone has encountered and possibly solved the problem you are having. The mail archives will build over time to be a good source for tips and support.
    1. openSEAL-users Mailing List Archive
    2. openSEAL-contributors Mailing List Archive
  4. Ask your peers! Email one of the Mailing Lists
    Send a question to one of openSEALs mailing lists. Other users and contributors to openSEAL may help you, and we are committed to getting back to you in a timely fashion. Information on Mailing List subscription.