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Current Builds

Type Version Updated Summary
Stable (soon) - We'll get to here pretty soon.
Integration 11/09/04 Download the latest build.

Despite this build being labeled < 1.0, openSEAL is based on years of industry experience. Its low number represents our conservatism with versioning and the fact that interfaces may change over time. We also feel that peer review is an essential part of any open source project, so we'll progress towards a stable version as adoption increases. That said, we'll push new builds periodically, so please sign up for the release mailing list or come back often.

Build Types

There are several different build types. The list below is a guide to help you select the one that most suits your needs:

  • Release Builds
    These are thoroughly peer reviewed and should provide rock-solid reliability. If your scales tip towards less bugs rather than more features, then this is the version you should download.
  • Stable Builds
    If you are looking for something that's stable, is pretty well peer reviewed, and not too far behind the curve on new features - in other words a good compromise between quality and features, then we recommend this build. We ask that you consider Stable Builds if you can ... the more it is peer reviewed, the more bugs are fixed and the quicker new features get the Release label.
  • Integration Builds
    These are compilations of submissions from contributors, generally reviewed and unit tested by the core team and pushed out for peer review. If you want the most features and can tolerate having to potentially do some bug fixing, then this is for you.