Manual: openSEAL Directory Structure

Overall openSEAL Directory Structure

The openSEAL directory structure has the following nodes:

  • OpenSEAL - the root directory for all things openSEAL

The source code located underneath the "src" directory. For complete documentation of the contents, review the API Documentation. Below is a description of the organizational structure of these directories:

  • /org/openseal
    • /refapp - the reference application for the library
      • /web
/manager - business tier manager objects, coarse-grained functional units
/resource - managed resources used in the business tier
/db - refapp implementations of database functionality
/messaging - refapp implementations of messaging functionality
/meta-inf - assembly attributes for the business tier assemblies
/service - Win32 service implementation for the business service
/common - common functionality shared between tiers of the reference application
/meta-inf - assembly attributes for the common assembly
/security - security objects shared between tiers in the refapp
/service - common service access in the refapp
/api - the implementation for the common service API
/test - Nunit test suite for the refapp
/business - tests for the business tier specifically
/types - custom types for the refapp
/meta-inf - assembly attributes for the types in the refapp
/ui - user interface implementation for the refapp
/constant - constants for the refapp
/meta-inf - assembly attributes for the refapp web application assembly
/param - refapp model implementaions
/request - request handler implementations for the refapp
/view - view implementations for the refapp
/control - ASP.NET control implementations for the refapp

Reference Application Source Structure

  • /business - the refapp business tier