openSEAL Stereotypes Reference: <<Activity>>


An Activity is a class that performs a unit of work, typically on a Managed Resource, and within the context of a Service Method.

General Characteristics:

  • Implements IManagedResourceActivity
  • Can take part in a Distributed Transaction
  • Has an ActivityTypeMask value than denotes the type of activity and its transactional nature
  • One or more activities generally make up the implementation work of a Service Method
  • Are usually registered and executed via an implementation of IActivityExecutor.


Database queries and updates are performed by classes that are derived from one of the openSEAL base abstract DB Agent classes. Reading to or writing from a message queue is performed by an Activity derived from a Message Agent. Other types of activities can also be created (such as business rules, validation, and file system access).


Please see refapp source code in refapp\business\impl\resource